• Steven Heller

Sutnar 24/7

This week I have the pleasure of spending time at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art at the University of West Bohemia (where today I will receive an honorary doctoral degree). On Monday, along with four others, I received the Ladislav Sutnar 2014 Prize in the beautiful town hall of Pilzen, the city where Sutnar was born. Tuesday an international symposium titled DesignMeeting featured lectures presented by the Ladislav Sutnar Prize laureates.

But this post is a brief tribute to the school itself, which opened two years ago in a brand-new building conceived by dean of faculty Josef Mištera. Sutnar would be proud because the program follows his own practice and pedagogy at the State School of Graphic Arts, Prague in the ’20s. The wall-less physical plan allows for interaction between art and design students, blending graphic design, illustration and photography with jewelry, pottery, painting and sculpture disciplines.


It is a 24/7 Sutnar feast. And this week is a Sutnar festival to “bring Sutnar home.” Basically unknown during the Communist era, Sutnar’s reputation and legacy are being reestablished or reborn. Although, ironically, today his ashes will be officially repatriated to the Czech Republic.

Below are a few snaps of the school and small exhibition at the Museum of West Bohemia, which will house one of the Sutnar collections.

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