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Last Call: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Appear in Print’s RDA!

Yes. Design in New York is amazing.

… But so is design in Nebraska. Texas. Florida. Delaware. Nevada. California. Ohio.

As convenient as it would be to have the world’s designers working out of a single city (“synergy”!), talent truly knows no borders. And for decades, the Regional Design Annual has been on a mission to recognize that fact, and shine a light on great design in every corner of the country.

In Print’s 75th anniversary issue, Martin Fox—who ran the magazine for four decades—said, “There was a time where if you knew what was going on in New York design-wise, and if you knew what was going on in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, you knew all you needed to know about design in the United States. Print began to cover design all over the country, and we put pinpoints of good design all over the map. There was nothing I liked better than covering a first-rate designer who didn’t come from one of the obvious design centers.”

When Fox launched the RDA in 1981, his mission was to do just that. Never before had a design annual broken down great design by region.

In the end, the RDA proved there’s more to design today than just a few key hubs—and just because a brilliant designer is working out of a basement in Topeka, their work shouldn’t be less visible than anyone else’s.

This year, DJ Stout (Southwest region), Louise Fili (NYC), Stephen Doyle (East), Charles S. Anderson (Midwest), Noreen Morioka (Far West) and Ann Willoughby (South)—all designers with deep ties to the regions they’ll be judging—will help prove, once again, that great design happens everywhere, from Manhattan skyscrapers to those basements in Topeka.

Enter today, and be part of the national dialogue of design, and the competition that truly values great work above all else.

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Last call! Print’s Regional Design Annual 2015: Enter Today! The 2015 Regional Design Annual is still openbut only until May 29. Enter today.

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