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Learn Logo Design From a Master

“Most advertising creative directors produce ads . . . that are only half-credible and that lose 90 percent of viewers within the first few seconds.” That is one of a number of provocative statements made by Bill Haig in a wide-ranging interview with Steven Heller posted on Imprint last June. As Heller pointed out at the time, Haig is not a graphic designer—but he is an expert in logo design, having earned a doctorate in the subject, co-authored The Power of Logos, and pioneered a “credibility-based” approach to branding. Haig’s branding philosophy is based on his years working for Saul Bass, during which Haig helped sell some of the 20th century’s most memorable logos (including Bass’s design for Continential Airlines, pictured above.)

Now practicing and aspiring logo designers can learn directly from Haig with his new HOW Design University course, Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success. In it, Haig will break down his credibility-based approach and teach you to design logos that sell—not a bad skill for the New Year. The two-week workshop begins January 7; click here for the complete details.


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