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Live Wire Lines

Oliver Munday has been working for months on The Wire Poster Project. He designed 60 posters, one for each episode of HBO series The Wire. The posters are typographic responses to the epigram(s) that precede every episode. All of the proceeds from the sale of the posters will go to Baltimore Urban Debate League that was featured in an episode of the show. Posters go on sale Nov.1st. I asked Munday to tell us more.

What prompted you to do this project? It started with my love fascination with The Wire. I came up with the idea while watching the series for the second time. At first it was simply a way for me to respond to the show. In developing the idea a bit more, it seemed that there was an opportunity to have some impact, as well. I went to MICA for undergrad, and I have a longstanding relationship with Baltimore.

What do you think these posters add to The Wire experience? I’m hoping that this will give the true enthusiasts an opportunity to celebrate their favorite characters, moments, and quotes from the series. I ultimately did something that I would love to have as a fan. I also think that it gives people a chance to connect with the things that the show spoke to so fervently, by supporting a community organization in Baltimore.

Can a series as complex and searing as The Wire really be summed up through one piece of dialog per show? I don’t think that it can. But I think they complement it so well. I like how certain quotes can take you back to a very vivid memory, while others serve as a glint, highlighting the episodes message. Everyone has a favorite moment in time from the show, and a quote that speaks to them. This is a way to memorialize those moments.

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