• Callie Budrick

Luckily, Blu Moo’s Bold Posters Come More Than Once in a Blue Moon

It’s hard to resist a good poster, and the creations from Lima, Peru–based designer Jordy García are downright addictive. Under the pseudonym Blu Moo, García creates incredible redesigns, fan art and originals with distinctly vibrant colors, psychedelic influences and retro vibes.

The use of layers gives these poster designs a papery effect that is reminiscent of Saul Bass’ film posters, with a dose of LSD. Just look at Blu Moo’s Psycho design and tell me you don’t get Vertigo vibes.

This echo of influence does not deter from the originality of Blu Moo’s creations, though. Between pleasing font pairings and a near overuse of texture, the designs don’t leap off the page—they suck viewers into them. One could stare at the Amélie poster and play “I spy” for hours.

All I’m saying is that I need more of this art in my life if I’m going to make it through the remainder of 2020. Learn more and even purchase a poster via Blu Moo’s Linktree.