• Chloe Gordon

Maison Maeve Edition Is A Luxury Print Publication Created By Sandro Weber

Founder of Maeve Design, Sandro Weber, has created a print publication that showcases graphic design, art, photography, and architecture. The publication's layout strongly stresses creating a luxury design through quality paper, rich typography, and high-end printing. While the pages are consciously lacking in color, they are filled with exquisite art and design, making this a sensational editorial work that we can't wait to see more of.

Maison Maeve Edition is a print publication, initiated by the Swiss graphic designer Sandro Weber, founder of Maeve Design. Each edition showcases a project within the fields of graphic design, art, photography and architecture with strong focus on typography, print- and paper quality to create unique pieces of print luxury.

Project Credits

Sandro Weber

Julien Dessenne