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Make Your Mark, Save the World, and Win $25,000

Gary Anderson (right) with his ubiquitous recycling symbol.

Who says loving the environment and making a buck are mutually exclusive? Not Cereplast, who recently launched the “Make Your Mark” competition in an attempt to create a global symbol that represents bioplastics. This new logo will indicate that a product is made from green, bio-based material, not petroleum-based ones.

The competition is similar to the one held forty-one years ago in which Gary Anderson created the globally recognized recycling symbol we see on recyclable products all over the world today. (Incidentally, Anderson is among the panel of judges for the competition).

And if saving the world wasn’t reward enough, the winner will receive $25,000, and of course, international recognition.

“Make Your Mark” design entries can be submitted via the Cereplast site where the official rules and guidelines are also posted. The competition’s deadline is March 5, 2011

And now a word from the sponsor:

“Companies are increasingly looking at bio-based plastics made from renewable resources like corn, wheat, and algae as an alternative to petroleum-sourced plastics in order to meet soaring consumer demand for economically and ecologically sound, ‘green’ products. The bioplastics symbol will enable consumers to easily identify products made from bioplastics, similar to the globally recognized recycling symbol we see on thousands of plastic products.

” – Frederic Scheer, Chairman and CEO of Cereplast.