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Honoring Mardell With Futurist Font

The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum has released a new wood font called “Mardell,” by graphic designer Louise Fili in honor of Hamilton retiree and master wood type cutter Mardell Doubek. The font, a Futurist-inspired geometric design, exhibits Fili’s ongoing exploration of Italian Modernist graphics.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate two of my favorite subjects: women and Italy,” Fili said. “The bold, lively angularity of Italian Futurist letterforms made it a natural choice for wood type. And since it is rare to find a typeface named after a woman, I was particularly pleased to know that this would pay tribute to veteran type cutter Mardell Doubek.”

Mardell is the fourth font cut for the museum as part of its Wood Type Legacy Project. Museum director Jim Moran explained, “The Project enlists internationally known designers to create original designs, naming the fonts after Hamilton Manufacturing employees who have helped preserve and carry on the rare craft of making wood type. Louise joins Matthew Carter, Erik Spiekermann and Nick Sherman, who have all designed fonts for this project.”

The Mardell font will soon be available for purchase at hamiltonwoodtype.com in digital format. Thanks to Hamilton’s ongoing collaboration with P22, the museum’s digital font partner, Mardell will be the 19th font published by Hamilton and P22.

Using the Mardell font, Fili also created a complete specimen poster. Only 100 copies of this limited-edition poster will be available for sale starting today.

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