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May/June 2007 Table of Contents


All the World’s a Fair As the number of design festivals grows, it’s time to ask whether they’re really effective for drumming up business and promoting awareness in tomorrow’s design capitals. BY JUDE STEWART

Strange Disturbances Reanimated corpses, turnip-headed people, voracious suitcases—such are the characters that populate Henning Wagenbreth’s tragicomic oeuvre. BY RICK POYNOR

Everything Belgian Is New Again Paul Boudens, energetic iconoclast, is remaking the pattern of Belgian design. BY RHONDA RUBINSTEIN

The Pleasure Principle In Dornbirn, Austria, the Saegenvier studio makes work that is unsophisticated, unrefined, and shallow. They call it perfect. BY CATHY FISHEL

State of Play Governments are giving new funding and support to European video games. But what makes a game European? BY SEAN ASHCROFT

The Cut-Up Kings of Vilnius Infusing an old culture with a tangle of Western influences, Lithuania’s PetPunk is helping forge a sensibility for the New Europe. BY R. JAY MAGILL

First on Deco A Parisian printer’s opus from the ’30s contains the origins of a design staple. BY STEVEN HELLER

Still Life With Super Mario Bros. For Prague “nerd artist” Jeremiah Palecek, the computer screens of video games and software are the new landscapes. BY CLIVE THOMPSON

European Design Annual Our 12th annual showcase of the best in European design. INTRODUCTION BY EMILY GORDON


CONTRIBUTORS Where we’re calling from.

LETTERS “As a narrative, Mumbo Jumbo slides along gracefully like a disjointed jazz riff.”

F.O.B. Typeface documentaries of the future, maps of Cape Town, collaborative furniture, and more.

SHELF LIFE Rebranding goes guerrilla, indie rock folds, and one author stick(er)s it to the man.

MONOLOGUE Westward Bound A few lessons from Poland for designers new to the EU. BY KEHRT REYHER

OBSERVER Easy Writer Behind every good design writer is an editor. Not so true of online critics. BY RICK POYNOR

NEWSSTAND European Unions Pop-culture magazines in Europe band together for cutting-edge regional content. BY CALEB NEELON

DIALOGUE J.J. Sempé, cartoonist and satirist. INTERVIEW BY STEVEN HELLER

IN PRINT Vol. 20/no. 5 An article in 1966 about a graphics exhibition in Denver signaled the thawing of the Cold War. BY MARTIN FOX

DESKTOP The Suite Goes On Adobe’s CS3 takes flight. BY JEFF HOWE BOOKS Typography and Graphic Design: From Antiquity to the Present, by Roxane Jubert REVIEW BY PAUL SHAW

Altitude: Contemporary Swiss Graphic Design, edited by Robert Klanten, Nicolas Bourquin, and Claudia Mareis REVIEW BY JAMES GADDY

Jan Tschichold, Designer: The Penguin Years, by Richard B. Doubleday REVIEW BY PAUL SHAW

The Pentagram Papers, by the Pentagram partners REVIEW BY KYSS JEAN-MARY

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies: A Companion Guide to the Classic Cartoon Series, by Russell Merritt and J.B. Kaufman REVIEW BY JOHN CANEMAKER

MARKETPLACE Naked Lunch British politicians, designers, and consumers grapple with over-packaging. BY JEREMY LEHRER