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Meet the Judges: Chad Michael

For more than 35 years, PRINT’s Regional Design Awards has been honoring excellence across all channels of design. Whether you’re a freelancer, part of a large agency, an in-house creative or even a student, your unique work could reign supreme in this widely celebrated competition.

Behind each RDA is a panel of A-list design experts ready to unearth fresh talent and shine a spotlight on groundbreaking ideas. In this series, we will interview each judge and take a closer look at some of the spectacular work they’ve created during their career.

Chad Michael: Official Bio

Chad Michael launched his studio in 2014 after working as head designer for some of New York’s most awarded agencies. Michael wanted to create a different type of studio where only select clients were chosen in order to ensure the utmost passion and commitment for each project and one where the client and designer had a direct relationship. Select clients include Brown-Forman, Lightfoot & Wolfville, Theory 11, and F&R Distilling Co.

Chad Michael

Do you have a driving philosophy behind your work?

A philosophy that drives each one of my designs is to produce a unique work that breaks through the noise. If it doesn’t bring something new or refreshing to the table then I feel as though I’ve failed. Also a design that is as equally as captivating to look at as it is conceptually intriguing.

What was the most important roadblock you faced as a designer?

Early in my career I had a terrible problem with throwing away designs and starting over because I felt they were not good enough. What I’ve learned is to keep those designs while also continuing forward all the while looking back to the previous designs to see the evolution. Working on one idea in isolation never makes for a great outcome.

Chad Michael
Chad Michael

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Producing physical 3 dimensional work that someone could hold and use. If someone told me you can no longer do package design but you could still do branding, posters, web, etc. I would quit and go back to school.

Have you ever entered the RDA before?

Yes ! I’ve been in the RDA a few times I believe. [from the editor: He has! Here #3 and here #40!]

As a judge, what are you hoping to see from the region you’re evaluating?

I just want to see work that inspires me. Being inspired by others is what keeps the fire lit under my ass.

Chad Michael

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