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Menage a Homage Deux

Lithuanian-born, Polish-based Stasys Eidrigevicius is known for his surreal posters and illustration—as well as fantastical masks, stage sets and paintings. Much of it like these two below.

In 2012, the year he was inducted as an Honor Member of the Russian Academy, he began a series of collages that poked at the soft underbelly of “pious attitudes toward art and artists.” In his curious homages he often combines two artist’s signature works into one.

Or he adds elements that question art’s ability to not be taken so seriously. As Adam Oganisty notes in his afterward to Stasys’ catalog of the pieces shown here, “Stasys’ recent works contain punchlines full of surprising elements.” He takes such master works as Rene Magritte’s revolutionary commentary on reality and perception, Ceci n’est pas une pipe, and introduces a real pipe, calling it C’est une pipe. “He mocks the madness of cultural snobism by introducing comic ferment.” Below are some of his ironic/iconic juxtapositions.

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