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A Visit to Milton Glaser’s “Camp”

I never cared for the Camp sensibility. Sit through a “so bad it’s good” flick? Please! I barely have time for good-good movies. My notes on a Sontag lecture I endured: “So dry and detached it’s deadening.” And anyway, Camp is so 49 years ago.

But I loveThe Camp Followers’ Guide.”

It was also “designed by Milton Glaser and the entire Push Pin staff.” It’s got a nouveau-Nouveau cover illustration by Milton of a woman in a colorful bikini and headdress, with an impossibly long arm holding aloft an American flag. It’s got curvy, pre-psychedelic title typography. Inside, it’s got headlines hand-lettered within cartoon balloon-ish line drawings and photos blown up to accentuate their benday halftone dots: Hello, Roy Lichtenstein!

Overall, the design is a modest effort, and hardly represents a landmark in Push Pin’s legacy. But for me, that’s part of its appeal. Unlike sanctimonious Susan, the entire book doesn’t take anything—particularly Camp, appropriately enough—at all seriously.

It’s so irreverent, it’s relevant.

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