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How many magazines have thrived for over 50 years?

A. 12 B. 35 C. 105 D. 338 million

Answer: C. 105

How many TV brands can claim the same thing? 9


What percentage of 18-34 year old social media users who also read magazines—follow a magazine editor or columnist on Twitter?

A. 56% B. 13% C. 45% D. 49%

Answer: A. 56%and more than half have re-tweeted a magazine editor’s tweet, Berner added.


What percentage of consumers went to a digital newsstand in search of a specific magazine media brand?

A. 12% B. 22% C. 45% D. 79%

Answer: C. 79%, Berner added, “indicating [magazine] branded content is a destination purchase on digital newsstands.”


From digital to typography, branding to sustainability, Print responds effectively to its veteran audience as well as those readers just beginning their design careers.  Mobile apps, motion graphics, video games, web design, and animation are areas of design that continue to grow. Print covers the traditional and up-and-coming trends with reviews from top designers.

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