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Monotype Revives Its Reputable Recorder

Monotype in the ’20s and ’30s issued various magazines and journals, including The Monotype Recorder. The original was a masterpiece of typographic erudition. Now, Monotype is bringing back a revived and recast Recorder. Its editors say it will “focus on the wider implications of typography and how it contributes to a broader cultural context.”

The first new issue, edited by Emma Tucker, with a much increased production value than the earlier incarnations, seems to deliver. Read more here. And see a few spreads below. For information on obtaining the magazine go here and contact info@monotype.com.

2014 Typography & Lettering Awards

Typography is one of the most vital keys to successful design—and Print’s all-new Typography & Lettering Awards is here to celebrate it. But this isn’t just a competition for classic type designers: We’re looking for projects that feature great uses of type by any designer. We’re looking for handlettered work. And, of course, we’re also looking for original typefaces built from the ground up.

Enter today for a chance to have your work judged by Paul Shaw and Jessica Hische, and for a chance to be featured in Print magazine, and more.

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