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More Design Thinkin'

The design thinkin’ never stops at RGD Ontario’s 12th annual DesignThinkers Conference. Here a critical mass of visual communicators come together once again to discuss how design builds relationships between organizations, products and people.

“From branding to sustainability, interactive to editorial design, film titling to innovation, our visionary thinkers are drawn from the many disciplines that reflect the diversity of graphic design communications,” say the RGDers.  And what an amazing roster of speakers there are:

Deborah Adler, Firm Owner, Deborah Adler Design Jason Bruges, Jason Bruges Studio David C. Baker, Author and Founder, ReCourses.com Brian Collins & Leland Maschmeyer, Chief Creative Officer and Creative Director, COLLINS Jessica Hische, Letterer and Illustrator, Daily Drop Cap Chip Kidd, Designer and Author, Knopf Publishing Steve Edge, Owner, Steve Edge Design Tom Geismar, Principal, founding partner, Chermayeff & Gelsmar Sagi Haviv, Principal, partner and designer, Chermayeff & Gelsmar Ivan Chermayeff, Principal, founding partner, Chermayeff & Gelsmar Rob Giampietro, Principal, Project Projects Stanley Hainsworth, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Tether Allan Haley, Director of Words and letters, Monotype Imaging Rei Inamoto, Chief Creative Officer, AKQA George Lois, Author “The Art of Advertising” David MacKay, Country Manager, Omniture Solutions, Adobe Systems Bobby Martin and Jennifer Kinon, Founding Partners, Original Champions of Design (OCD) Patrick Mitchell, Founder and Creative Director, Pluto Media Craig Mod, Writer, designer, publisher and developer, Flipboard Richard Morrison, Title designer Christoph Niemann, Illustrator, “I Lego New York” Eddie Opara, Partner, Pentagram William Poundstone, Author, “The Myth of Fair Value” Christian Schwartz, Partner, Commercial Type Aaris Sherin, Founder, Fit to Thrive Todd Simmons, Executive Creative Director, Wolff Olins Robert Wong, Executive Creative Director, Google Creative Labs

DesignThinkers also offers a Studio Open House on Nov. 1, an Opening Party on Nov. 2, and a Closing Dinner on Nov. 3.

For more information on the conference and/or extra events, and to register go here.

Weds Nov 2 – Thurs Nov 3 Metro Toronto Convention Centre 255 Front St W Toronto 9:00am-5:00pm

(A note about the images above: This year’s theme is connectivity. To celebrate how the design community connects, RGD and Parcel Design have invited a number of Canadian studios to participate in an “Exquisite Corpse.” This exercise typically sees collaborating contributors blindly adding to a composition in sequence. No one sees what another has drawn, except for what’s necessary to connect one portion to the next.  In the lead-up to DesignThinkers 2011, this large-scale, collaborative work will grow, piece by piece, on all communication materials. It will become our own kind of exquisite body: one collective, interconnected work that links the design community together.)

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