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Have A Nice Ride Underground

NYC is the greatest city on earth. But for some it is the second ring of hell, particularly underground in the subway owing to the behavior of those little devils known as the riders. Now, two NYC lovers, the filmmaker, known as New York Nico on Instagram (aka Nicolas Heller), and illustrator and graphic designer Naomi Otsu, have produced and distributed a DIY pamphlet on subway etiquette — “NYC Subway Train Tips and Tidbits”— a new public awareness project from the couple that Heller had kicked around in some form for two years.

“The reason for it is kind of obvious. You see terrible subway etiquette on the train every day and sometimes you just want to say, ‘Yo, what are you doing? This is not the proper way to act,’” said Heller, a native New Yorker from the Union Square area now living in Bedford-Stuyvesant. quoted in AM New York. “This is something I thought we could pass around.”

Even the MTA posted: “We love the enthusiasm and love for the subway behind these pamphlets, which are a reminder of how New Yorkers look out for each other. . . ”

“Otsu illustrated the pamphlet, billed as a subway survival guide, and helped refine Heller’s messaging to be a playful and gentler reminder to be a more mindful commuter.” For those who have not seen the limited edition pamphlet in the flesh, here it is.

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