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December 22, 2008. For Brussels gallery Pierre Bergé & associés, French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance of Néonata has created a series of unique furniture pieces based on natural forms. Through January 23, the exhibition, entitled Black Tide Under Moonlight, captures the ambivalence that dogs us on the subject of fossil fuels, presenting congealed petrol-like puddles, as if the vestige of an oil spill, that encourage reclining as much as reflection. Using black Corian, the designer also created wave-like benches with embedded lighting, as well as standing and pendant lamps whose illuminations recall rippling liquids, a wool and silk carpet, and (with interior designer Valentina Pillia) two symmetric pods that might serve as rocky seating on an oil-lapped shore. Between flowing and dripping, abundance and shortage, the work of Duchaufour-Lawrance conveys a sense of our collective suspension in this viscous, exquisite undertow, like insects settling in amber. pba-auctions.com, neonata.fr