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Non-hit Psych Pop Redux

For all the decades I’ve known the great Gary Panter as cartoonist, comics artist, painter, shadow puppeteer, scenic designer, light designer, author, graphic novelist and all around great talent, I had no idea he had a band. The other day, a chance meeting brought that fact to my attention.


The band, Devin Gary & Ross consists of Devin Flynn, animator and painter, Ross Goldstein, guitarist, sound collage artist and photographer, and of course, Gary Panter, all of the above and more. “We cover obscure non-hit psych pop songs from the ’60s by bands like Family, July and The Ultimate Spinach,” Panter told me,” and do long abstract soundscapes.” They recently finished a summer tour up the West Coast from San Francisco to Seattle. More gigs are in the planning. Here’s a performance from 2012.


The 2 LP vinyl gate-fold package (above image by Panter) release from Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, MA is titled “Honeycomb of Chakras” and will be issued in an edition of 500 copies (2LP/DL).

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