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Rudolph de Harak Gets Involved

After Rudolph de Harak worked on the “Man, His Planet, and Space” pavilion at Montreal’s Expo 67 he decided he wanted to be involved in a small graphics business. As his partner he chose Al Corchia and began a firm that did graphic, product and environmental design. De Harak worked closely with the Kaufman Brothers who developed a few of the modern skyscrapers that changed to mood of downtown Manhattan. Note the biplane atop the 77 Water Street roof and the sequentially lighted numeral clock for 127 John Street. The partnership did not last long and de Harak For the design of the U.S. Pavilion in Japan, Osaka’s Expo ’70, de Harak teamed up with Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar creating a tour de force of information communications. But this capabilities booklet, with its examples of logos, clocks and environmental work, is a gem .

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