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October 2008

By: Admin | April 25, 2008


Million Dollar Babies From swanky strollers to haute couture high chairs, Modernism—or a version of it—has conquered the kids’ market. BY LESLIE SAVAN And Thats the Way It Isnt Have fake news graphics taken over the role of the political cartoon? We report. You decide. BY JIM HANAS

Stars and Stripes, Literally, Forever Forty years of presidential-campaign graphics. VISUAL PUNDITRY BY SAM POTTS Martinizing the Movies Retro billboards? Gore-resistant flooring? Designer Martin Charles, Hollywood’s go-to man for print on the big screen, has it under control. BY MICHAEL DOOLEY

Kill Your Darlings Book designers’ favorite covers don’t always see the light of day, so we asked eight designers to show us their cherished runners-up. BY PETER TERZIAN The Little Imprint That Could Pulling its books off the shelves at Barnes & Noble was just the beginning of one publisher’s quest to create a branded imprint. BY ANGELA STARITA

Dont Worry About the Government Public policy shapes our lives, but few really understand how it works. One organization is coming to the rescue—with design. BY LISA SELIN DAVIS

Pushing the Envelope An ephemera nut finds an unlikely treasure trove: letterheads. BY PENNY WOLFSON

Clean Slate Club The whiteboard is on its way out, but a dynamic collaborative tool is showing businesses what interactive communication can do for them. BY JUDE STEWART Creativity + Commerce PRINT’s fourth annual international business graphics competition. INTRODUCTION BY AKIKO BUSCH


CONTRIBUTORS Where we’re calling from.

F.O.B. Red vs. blue, Adidas vs. Wal-Mart, Helfand vs. scrapbooking, and the Human Blockhead.

SHELF LIFE Violent verses, tuneful bottles, and one crazy dream. MONOLOGUE The Green Screen With the help of interactive design, sustainable living can be a lot more fun. BY JEREMY LEHRER OBSERVER Critical Omissions Design critics can only gain from accepting their own evolving history. BY RICK POYNOR DIALOGUE Martin Kace, founder and creative director, Empax. BY STEVEN HELLER

IN PRINT Vol. 22/no.1 In the Cleveland mayoral campaign of 1967, it was politics not as usual. BY MARTIN FOX DESKTOP Click to Run Obama online. BY ANDREI MICHAEL HERASIMCHUK Plus: Apps to ease billing, project management, and presentations. And Paul Shaw reviews Liber in Hot Type.

BOOKS Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life, by Todd Oldham; Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation by Hans Bacher REVIEW BY JOHN CANEMAKER The Next Page: Thirty Tables of Contents, by Michael Bierut, William Drenttel, and Jessica Helfand. REVIEW BY JOHANNA DRUCKER Jan van Toorn: Critical Practice, by Rick Poynor REVIEW BY VICTOR MARGOLIN Willie & Joe: The WWII Years, by Bill Mauldin, edited by Todd DePastino REVIEW BY JAMES STURM