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One Face, Multiple Personalities

Don’t let the headline fool you. This is not a post about psychological disorder. Its about a font — but not just any font . . . .

Back in April, I quoted designers Nikola Djurek with Marko Hrastovec of Typonine about their new typeface: “Audree is type system [not the plant from a Little Shop of Horrors] with several hundred customizable styles. Choosing between fifteen different serif shapes, two construction models, high or low contrast, and adding stencil or inline effects results in unique, expressive variations of Audree’s letterforms.”

Audree and the new Audree app are now rocking up a storm. You might say from one small font so many face emerge (like the big pine from a little acorn grows). That this typeface has multiple personalities gives the user opportunities heretofore difficult to accomplish with just a few keystrokes. Visit Audree at home here and select which of her many morphs strike your fancy. The examples below are from an impressive, poster-size specimen sheet.

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