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Surprise! Beer Extract is Good for You!

Pabst Blue Ribbon, founded in 1844 in Milwaukee, and one of the most famous beers in America, has been in the news this week. Its dynamic 46-year-old CEO, Eugene Kashper, is pushing hard to make a hipper brand that will go head to head with industry leaders Anheuser-Busch and Molson Coors. Maybe the new brand should include an oldie-but-goldie product from the PBR cellar: Pabst’s malt extract, which in 1887 was a highly advertised medicinal drink, is a perfect fit for today’s interest in the personal health and micro-brewski space.

For millennial consumers, it should be sobering to know that if you are easily excited and high strung (and who isn’t?), there is an answer. Do morbid, unpleasant thoughts bother you? (And why wouldn’t they?) Is your complexion colorless? (It’s fairly common). Are you listless too boot? Well, there is (or was) an answer for what must be “impoverished blood.” What’s more, steps should and can be taken at once (this minute!) before being rendered “unfit for the serious duties of life.”

YES, dear friends, Pabst Extract is the “best” tonic because it combines the quiet and tonic effects of the choicest hops with the nutritive and digestive elements of rich barley malt. What’s more, physicians “of repute” vouch for the merits of Pabst Extract to relieve insomnia, conquer dyspepsia, help anemia, aid the nervous and assist nursing mothers. It gives men and women the strength, mind you, to fight their “daily battles.”

This idea is worth a million.

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