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Paree, Cité of Les Stuff

I love Paris, particularly in August, when Parisians leave the city to we tourists, and many parts of this belle cité are empty. The remaining merchants are so happy to have customers that we are treated like Cardinal Duc de Richelieu, ho ho!!!

Paris is a wonderful place to take snaps (or as they say en Français, Les Instagrams) and I took many. My faves were out of the ordinaire. For your viewing I have edited them down to the trés bien-ist of them.

Autograph gallery on Rue Jacob.

Sardines in a can (but not in Cannes),

Pres une Metro.

Livres Solde

St. Sulpice fountain near chez de Catherine Denuve.

St. Sulpice bell tower.

A Renault truck.

Locks of ages.

Beached along the Seine.

The Parisians love their animals.

Deserted Samaritaine.

C’est bonne Folies.

Michelle, ma belle.

Have you seen the little piggies. . .?


Les signes des rues.


Ugly architecture.

Mirko Ilic, 1938.

The big A.


Entree Libre

Graffiti near the Quai

Cascading ivy.


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