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Featured RDA Winner: Pentagram Papers (42), Pink Pig Logo

Pentagram never disappoints when it comes to the Regional Design Annual. This remained true in the 2013 group of winners, with both logo work for a hometown bakery and the famed Pentagram Papers (42) receiving accolades. “For the Pentagram Papers 42 edition, Pentagram Austin featured the poems and portraits of Cowboy Poets,” tells Stu Taylor, the project’s lead designer. Find out more about each of these award-winning projects.

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Barrett Fry, lead designer: The Pink Pig is a bakery and restaurant in Fredericksburg, TX. It’s a small town about an hour west of Austin where people like to go to get away for the weekend and relax. The owner and head chef tasked us to create an identity that felt uniquely Fredericksburg, not Austin, Dallas or Fort Worth. We utilized the unique cowboy boot stitching seen on many locals to create our Fredericksburg pig.

What was your favorite aspect of this project? Getting the stitching to feel unique for the region.

Who was the target audience? Most of their customers came from the local wine tours, but also locals looking for a quick bite.

What was your objective? Was it achieved? We were tasked to create an identity that was uniquely Fredericksburg and are happy with the outcome.

Describe the design details of this project: Stu Taylor, lead designer: The Pentagram Papers are a series of small publications on a variety of visual subject matter. The little black books have been published by the partners since 1972. For the Pentagram Papers 42 edition, Pentagram Austin featured the poems and portraits of Cowboy Poets, photographed by Jay B Sauceda at the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering in far West Texas. The cover includes a blind-emboss of a western leatherwork pattern that we commissioned to illustrator Andy Dearwater.

What was your favorite aspect of this project? We really enjoyed our collaboration with local Austin photographer, and good friend, Jay B Sauceda. When the books were completed we hosted a fun fundraiser party at the Pentagram Austin offices where we gave the Pentagram Paper away in return for donations to the West Texas Fire Relief Fund. All the the proceeds helped the community where the Cowboy Poets had been photographed.

Who was the target audience? The papers specifically go out to Pentagram’s international mailing list comprised of friends and clients.

What was your objective? Was it achieved? Being the Texas outpost for Pentagram, we wanted to do something that the other offices, New York, San Francisco, London and Berlin, would consider exotic and unique to the Lone Star State. Pentagram Papers 42 was distributed all over the U.S., Europe, and the UK and was very well received. In that sense, we definitely hit the mark.

What’s something unexpected that happened with this project? Pentagram Papers are sent out as gifts to our clients and friends — we don’t sell them — but we got a lot of calls from people asking if they could purchase cases of books. Austin Partner DJ Stout structured his entire presentation at an international design conference in Cape Town, South Africa, around Pentagram Paper 42 and Cowboy Poetry. It was a big hit.

Above Photography by Bill Sallans.

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