• Zachary Petit

Pentagram’s Matt Willey Rings in 75 Years of the UN With a Striking Set of Stamps

If there’s been one positive outcome of the Trump administration’s war on the U.S. Postal Service this year, it has perhaps been the resurgence of stamps in our feeds. (See here, here, here, here, here …)

And Matt Willey of Pentagram’s latest set celebrating the United Nations’ 75th anniversary is a beaut.

Willey designed three sets of two stamps each, featuring different color combos and a quote by UN Secretary General António Guterres in multiple languages.

The vision and values of the Charter of the United Nations, which was adopted 75 years ago, stand the test of time. The United Nations works as one for the benefit of all—for peace, sustainable development, justice and human rights.

Willey drew the type that appears on the set, and set the quote in Klim Type Foundry’s Mānuka.

It’s great throwback design for a perpetually great institution.

Pick up a set here. They would look equally good in a frame as on an envelope. Just saying.