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Photomontage (and Futura) as Political Instrument

Speaking of Futura … although it was verboten because Paul Renner was considered a Bolshevik, the face had many uses in Nazi Germany, including the nameplate for the youth magazine Die Kameradschaft.

There were four divisions in the Hitler Youth. For boys 10–14, there was the Jungvolk, and after that the regular Hitler Jugend; for girls 10–14 there was the Jungmädel, thereafter the Bund Deutscher Mädel. German children were forced to be—indeed, happy to be—members. Die Kameradschaft was one of the magazines that taught jugend to be good Nazis. These periodicals—one for each group—gave them guidance, and all four (Die Kameradschaft, Die Jungenschaft, Die Mädelschaft, Die Jungmädelschaft) were curiously “modern” in their use of photomontage and Futura.

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