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Poster House Fights the Virus

Poster House was the first museum in New York City to shut down—last Tuesday, voluntarily, a day before an employee at the Met tested positive for COVID-19. The museum is now dedicated to grappling with the outbreak. So far, this has manifested in a few key ways, including:

A series of PSA posters on the virus, commissioned from designer Rachel Gingrich.

A video series featuring Grace Young that was filmed to highlight the plight of small businesses and restaurants in Chinatown, which, courtesy of xenophobia, started taking the economic hit early. Poster House was planning to work with Young on some programs around their exhibition of Chinese posters, “The Sleeping Giant,” as the virus broke out. Here’s the first installment, with more on the way early next week.

Not least of all, Poster House is featuring daily mini-tours with curator Angelina Lippert on Instagram, exploring numerous pieces in their extensive collection. They’re also bringing their popular College Night series online, hosting virtual professional development workshops to help students prepare for internships and jobs. Expect more posts from Poster House soon.

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