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Print in Motion Winner: Shift Giving

Project description ShiftGivingToNature is an independent campaign by concerned citizens to dramatically increase the donations we in the U.S. give to Nature and endangered wildlife. It was inspired by our realization that we in the U.S. are generous with giving to charity but less than 2% of our charitable giving goes towards protecting animals and our environment even though opinion polls show that over 60% of Americans identify with or support  environmental causes. Our goal is to raise awareness of this to a broad general audience in the US and shift giving to Nature so our giving is more in line with our current values and not historic patterns.

See ShiftGivingToNature.org for more info. We are now focused on how to get 100,000 people in the US to view and think about our motion graphics piece. Suggestions welcomed!


Andrew C. Currie is a philanthropist and advocate passionate about endangered species conservation in the US and internationally. He is focused on increasing awareness and broadening financial support for Nature in our society and having fun and learning in the process. He works on policy advocacy, small grant philanthropy focused on endangered wildlife internationally and most recently is starting to work on media projects to this end.  More info on Andrew can be found at 

http://www.AndrewCurrie.info. Please contact Andrew if you share these values and would like to collaborate.

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