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Daily Resolutions

For those of us who still prefer to keep track of our days on paper rather than digitally on our phones or laptops—and who resist the urge to add to our daily dose of cute kittens—a new year brings calendars specifically created by top-notch designers. The sixth annual Shift calendar from Japan offers a fresh illustration every month, including work from Portland, Maine–based MWM Graphics, Tokyo-based Tetsuya Toshima, and 10 others chosen out of 1,500 entries from around the world. For type addicts, Pentagram’s 2009 Typography Calendar collects the favorite typefaces of the firm’s 12 partners: Michael Bierut’s is Avenir (September); Harry Pearce chose Enigma (March). Creators of other projects take more of a fan’s perspective: Tara Hogan, owner of Ink+Wit in Fayetteville, New York, who helped design a letterpress calendar with Pistachio Press, says, “If you follow a particular artist or designer, you can have, on hand, a multitude of the work at once. You can see the stories they tell month by month.” She adds philosophically, “We love how a new year breeds change and reflection.” But if you want to take a more active role counting the days, the Bubble Calendar (above) lets you pop one bubble every day of the year—that is, if you can limit yourself to only one a day.