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Print Is Not Dead Continued

Print still lives and Richard Ardagh of New North Press in London is bearing witness with his limited edition Forme, a typographic exploration of words, language & understanding. This was set in wood and metal type by hand, essay in hot-metal by Harry McIntosh (no pun) and printed letterpress. I asked Ardagh about his motivation.

What is the purpose behind Forme? The remit of Forme is to typographically explore words, language and understanding. The aim is to present scientific research about commonly experienced themes in a visually arresting way. As a self-publishing venture, on a personal level my purpose is to use letterpress to create something contemporary and outward-looking.

What’s coming in future issues? Issue 2 will investigate swearing.

How do people get this? http://new-north-press.co.uk/product/forme-01/

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