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Print's Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Finalists, Set #9

A Guy With Dreads Told Me to Follow Jesus by Kelsey Dake (New York, NY)

Materials used: Pen and ink Artist’s statement:

I drew it after I saw some Jamaican guy preaching on a street corner in Lower Manhattan. I was putting together a zine about my first three months living in New York and I felt it needed to be included.


Smart Design Since ’99 by Mark Borgions (Antwerp, Belgium)

Materials used: Pencil illustration on paper, traced and tweaked in Illustrator, extra color effects in Painter and Photoshop. Hand lettering. Artist’s statement:

For a postcard campaign, several illustrators were asked to illustrate one aspect of the Smart car. My piece had to highlight the design. I tried to make it a fun, colorful piece, with the car literally coloring the city. Puzzling together all elements—the buildings and characters, but also the lettering—was great fun, but the piece really came together when I started to apply the more abstract color glows.


Friends by Keiko Morimoto (Brooklyn, NY)

Materials used: Liquid water color Artist’s statement:

I was inspired by a TV program which talked about “frenemies.”


Two Strays by Li Pei Huang (New York, NY)

Materials used: Oil on canvas Artist’s statement:

The day two stray beings adopted each other.

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