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Radiohead Lets Out a Universal Sigh

Radiohead must drive music executives bonkers. Their last album, “In Rainbows” was downloadable on the web for whatever the buyer wanted to pay. For their follow up, “The King of Limbs”, they have created a very limited printed newspaper that will be given away to customers purchasing the CD and vinyl versions. Called The Universal Sigh, the paper (a poetic homage to trees and the environment) features 12 pages of short stories, lyrics, and artwork from the likes of Robert McFarlane, Jay Griffiths, and longtime collaborator Stanley Donwood. (The website Rip It Up has posted a pdf version online).

In late April, the band will further exasperate the music suits by releasing a “newspaper album” version of “The King of Limbs” which will feature a different paper than The Universal Sigh, as well as a CD, two vinyl records, and a number of pieces of art.

Read all about it. Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke hands out copies of The Universal Sigh in London.

A page from The Universal Sigh.

A page from The Universal Sigh.

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