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Ratcheting Down Product Package Design for Kids

When I was a kid, we loved candy cigarettes. Sure they sound horrific today, but they were delicious. Yes, we would pretend to smoke them, but according to FatSecret.com, each cigarette was only eight calories and we never lit them.

Chicken Dinner Candy was well before my time, but I’m willing to bet that any one who has

Here’s another confection that looked like it probably had a good run in the 50s and 60s – “Lik-m-aid.” To prove my theory, there are still products around today that were slightly more flamboyant in their youth and have changed directions:

Product package design for kids, and especially in the candy space, has gotten away from the kitsch or flamboyant graphics that once ruled the space. In fact, as public culture has upp

This year’s Dieline Package Design Conference produced some of the most important content to date on the evolution of product packaging design as well as ways designers can affect their global and social brand conversation, simply through packaging design.

The Dieline Package Design Conference Collection cover product package design from groceries to computers and challenged the audience to find was to connect with their audience via the web or their tablet. Stefan Hartung and Jennifer Sall introduced attendees to innovators of breakfast cereal packaging and other consumer product. This session is included is this collection. Product packaging has an affect on brands, images and more.

If you love the idea of product packaging, designing an experience or even disrupting an entire industry, this collection is for you!  Click here to purchase the entire Dieline Package Design Collection for just $49.99.

As for Snicker and Reese’s, I’ll let you decide if I’m making too much of my theory.

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