• Chloe Gordon

Jewish Museum of Australia Worked With Studio Both To Honor Mirka Mora Exhibition

The Jewish Museum of Australia has worked with Both, the branding and visual communication studio co-founded by Sigiriya Brown and Dan Smith to create a thoughtful and thought-provoking coloring book for their latest exhibition on Mirka Mora, the eccentric artist and Holocaust survivor.

The coloring book has pages that host intricate line drawings pulled directly from Mirka's sketchbooks that are almost too beautiful to color. The cover is bright, inspired by the artist's pieces, and features a metallic foil color that's flawlessly sophisticated and imaginative in the script font. As a lover of Mirka Mora and her art, these coloring books are an excellent way to pay homage to both. Part of me wants to frame just the black and white sketches too. I have no other words besides "perfection."

Colouring books for The Jewish Museum of Australia to mark the occasion of their MIRKA exhibition. The oversized colouring books include drawings we selected from Mirka Mora’s sketchbooks from the years 1978 to 1997. Printing by the Bambra BeBold team, with three Colorplan and metallic foil cover combinations. These are on sale now through The Jewish Museum of Australia (in the Museum shop or online). We’re so looking forward to seeing what people create with Mirka’s drawings.

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