• Steven Heller

The REAL Fake News

In this case the real fake news is the New York Post; not always a paradigm of solid journalism, it was at least a vehicle for news. These days, since all news media are fake (unless acceptable to the reigning monarch), it is sobering to look back to the fateful year of 1984 when the parody Post New York Post advertised itself as “America’s Only Surviving Newspaper,” following the aftermath of World War III.

It wasn’t impossible. Yet it was improbable. Little did we know that Orwell’s 1984 Newspeak would come back to haunt us in 2017 and that this arti-“fact” of the last century would seem absolutely quaint today. Some of the references are topical and will go past the solid millennial, but some will be hauntingly absurd. Note the reference to Al Franken and David Mamet’s Honeymooners.

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