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Recharge Your Creativity!

Grab your pencils, pens, paper mache and digital camera and join Jim Krause for a week…. This is the perfect time of year to unplug and recharge your batteries!

“This workshop promises to awaken, energize and exercise the creative parts of our beings in ways that can be directly applied to both personal and professional creative projects,” says Jim Krause. And best of all – you’ll walk away after just one week, fully recharged and ready to tackle your next project.

Here’s an introduction video from one of the exercises you’ll find in this exclusive workshop. (Note, the actual project is included along with the video in the online workshop):

So don’t wait – join Jim today for this special online workshop, Dec 16 through Dec 22nd @ HOW U. Sign Up Now! This course won’t be offered again in 2014!

To hear what students are saying about the full version of this creativity workshop, D30: Exercises for Designers, click here.