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Regional Design Awards Winners 2018: East

The Regional Design Awards is America’s preeminent design competition. View the winners of the 2018 RDA from the East below and prepare your entries as the 2019 Regional Design Awards are accepting submissions now.

East Regional Design Awards

Justin Peters, East region judge

Peters has been solving complex branding challenges for top-tier consumer brands, professional services companies, nonprofit organizations and governments around the globe for more than two decades. As Carbone Smolan Agency’s executive creative director, he leverages deep understanding of global markets, geographies and cultures to breathe fresh and enduring life into brands of all shapes and sizes.

Justin is a legacy member of the CSA family. He began his career there 25 years ago and has grown into the creative leadership role for signature clients, including Assurant Health, Disney, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Sesame Workshop, and The White House Millennium Council. After 15 years at CSA, Justin moved on to travel the world, serving as global executive creative director for international branding agency, Siegel+Gale. He lived, worked, and spoke across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia, while leading engagements with Google/Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Ingersoll-Rand, Tata Group, Dubai Telecom, GE Real Estate, Aetna and Rotary International.

In 2015, Justin returned home to CSA with a wealth of experience and an unshakable belief in the power of design to transform businesses, brand experiences and people’s lives. Since his return, Justin has been integral in keeping CSA’s renowned creative work fresh and focused for clients new and old.

Peters has received multiple design awards, internationally and domestically, including the Presidential Design Award for his work with the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum.

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Best of Region

Classic Cocktails

Read more about this Best of Region award-winning project here.

Infantree, Lancaster, PA; www.infantree.com: Ryan Smoker, Ryan Martin (creative directors), Gretchen Cobaugh (art director/designer); Ellicott & Co. (client)

East Regional Design Awards Winners Gallery

1. About Muehlstein

Taylor Design, Stamford, CT; www.taylordesign.com: Daniel Taylor (creative director), Steve Habersang (art director/designer), Kate Bingham-Bert (illustrator), Philip Davidson (writer); Muehlstein (client)

2. ADDY: Back to Basics

Ditch Design, Valatie, NY; www.ditchdesign.com: Richard Skiermont (creative director/art director/designer); The Albany Ad Club (client)

3. AEGIS 2016 Annual Review

SVP Partners, Wilton, CT; www.svppartners.com: Bob Vitale (creative director/art director/designer), Jean Page (art director/designer), Michael Newhouse (illustrator), Bill Gallery, Amos Chan (photographers); AEGIS Insurance Services Inc. (client)

4. All Roads Lead to NYC

Nail Communications, Providence, RI; www.nail.cc: Alec Beckett (creative director/writer), Brian Gross (creative director), Myles Dumas, Colin Gillespie (art directors/designers), Robert Troutman (art director), Nick Laham (photographer), Rodrigo De Lima (writer); New Balance (client)

5. Anatomy of a Rowhome

PhillyRow, Philadelphia; www.phillyrow.com: Clifton Fordham, Abby Guido, Bryan Satalino (creative directors/art directors), Julia Swieson (designer); PhillyRow (client)

6. An Exit From Extremism

University of Maryland | Office of Creative Strategies, College Park, MD; www.umd.edu: John T. Consoli (creative director/photographer), Gabriela Hernandez (art director/designer), Liam Farrell (writer); Terp Magazine (client)

7. The Avenue of the Arts Map

Sasaki, Watertown, MA; www.sasaki.com; Philip Barash (creative director/art director/writer), Matthew Uminski (art director/designer), Siqi Zhu (senior associate), Rosa Herrero (urban designer), Martin Zorgan (principal), Neda Movaghar (senior designer), Matthew Arielly (photographer); The Boston Foundation (client)

8. Avocet Tower

J2 Design, Philadelphia; www.j2made.com: Brian Jacobson (creative director), Cara Cox, Lucy Price (art directors), Ali Doucette (designer); Jones Lang LaSalle (client)

9. Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution

Jude Buffum Illustration, Philadelphia; www.judebuffum.com: April Ward (creative director/art director), Jude Buffum (designer/illustrator), Bernie Sanders (writer); Bernie Sanders, Henry Holt, Macmillan (clients)

10. CallisonRTKL Holiday Card

CallisonRTKL Inc., Washington, DC; www.callisonrtkl.com: Thom McKay (creative director), Steven Norris (art director), Mostafa Moselhy (art director/designer/illustrator), Angelia Duncan (designer/illustrator), Melody Hung (designer), Cory Strischek, Cedric Martineau (web coding), Christine Beltrane, Anne Chan (photographers), Stephen Zippe (videographer), Claire Propsting (writer); CallisonRTKL Inc. (client)

11. The Cannibal’s Cookbook

Studio Johanna Lobdell, Boston; www.johannalobdell.com: Johanna Lobdell (creative director/art director/designer), Joshua Longo (illustrator), Brandon Clifford, Daniel Marshall, James Addison, Mackenzie Muhonen (writers); Matter Design (client)


Design Army, Washington, DC; www.designarmy.com: Pum Lefebure (creative director), Sucha Becky (art director), Lillian Ling, Rebecca Matt, Ryan Haskins, Magdiel Ortiz, Ninad Kale, Pathorn Buddhari (designers); Maryland Institute College of Art (client)

13. DCP 1.6 (Digital Color Platform), www.visualizecolor.com/glidden

PPG, Cranberry Township, PA: Courtney Miller (creative director/art director/designer); PPG, Glidden, Olympic (clients)

14. A Docent’s Guide to The Union League of Philadelphia

Warkulwiz Design Associates, Merion Station, PA; www.warkulwiz.com: Bob Warkulwiz (creative director/art director), Emily Zuwiala (designer); Caroline Laschenski (designer/photographer), Jim Warkulwiz, Jane Shannon (writers); The Abraham Lincoln Foundation (client)

15. Eddie Martinez: Ants at a Picknic

Stoltze Design, Boston; www.stoltze.com: Clif Stoltze (creative director), Katherine Hughes (art director/designer); Lisa Fischman, Jim Lewis (clients/writers)

16. Esselon Coffee

BRIGADE, Hadley, MA; www.wearebrigade.com: Kirsten Modestow (executive creative director), Steve Oparowski (designer), Jessica Dawson (project manager); Esselon Coffee (client)

17. LGBTQ Mixer

enrose 300, Philadelphia: Kelly Holohan, Paul Kepple (creative directors/art directors/designers/photographers); AIGA Philadelphia (client)

18. Máquina Coffee Roasters

Good Bones Studio, Philadelphia; www.goodbonesstudio.com: Caleb Heisey (creative director/art director/designer); Máquina Coffee Roasters (client)

19. Microsoft R&D

Sasaki, Watertown, MA; www.sasaki.com: Sam Pease (creative director/art director/designer), Victor Vizgaitis (principal), Christiana Linera (project manager), Jen Imbaro (project architect), Ryan Collier (designer), John Horner (photographer); Microsoft (client)

20. National Museum of Natural History Fundraising Brochure

Catalone Design Co., Bethesda, MD; www.catalonedesign.com: Lisa Catalone Castro (creative director), Nevine Younes (art director/designer), James Kegley (photographer), Richard Bader (writer); Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (client)

21. Neskaupkóda / Norðotype

Haley Mistler Design, Boston; www.haleymistler.com: Haley Mistler (creative director/art director/designer), Tom Matzell (art director); Open Tent Collaborative (client)

23. Sharks

United States Postal Service, Washington, DC; www.usps.com: William J. Gicker (creative director), Derry Noyes (art director/designer), Sam Weber (illustrator); United States Postal Service (client)

24. Smithsonian’s Destination Moon Exhibit Fundraising Brochure

Catalone Design Co., Bethesda, MD; www.catalonedesign.com: Lisa Catalone Castro (creative director), Nevine Younes (art director/designer); Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service – SITES (client)

25. Spaces for Protest, Places for Peace

Sasaki, Watertown, MA; www.sasaki.com: Gina Ford (principal/creative director/art director), Martin Zogran (principal), Matthew Uminski (art director/designer), Nuith Morales (designer), Matthew Arielly (photographer), Shannon Hasenfratz (planner), Joanna Chow (writer); TEDxBeaconStreet (client)

26. Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions

Sean Kelly Studio, Southport, CT; www.seankellystudio.com: Jonathan Karp (creative director/publisher), Ruth Lee-Mui (art director), Sean Kelly (designer/illustrator), Stephen Colbert, “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” staff (writers); Simon & Schuster (client)

27. Think Classic

Design Army, Washington, DC; www.designarmy.com: Pum Lefebure (creative director), Sucha Becky (art director/designer); Neenah Paper (client)

28. Tilted Barn Brewery Beer Labels

Erica Vigneau, Exeter, RI; www.ericavigneau.com: Erica Vigneau (creative director/designer), Kara Richardson (art director/illustrator), Chris Vigneau (photographer); Tilted Barn Brewery (client)

29. Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier

Headcase Design, Philadelphia; www.headcasedesign.com: Paul Kepple (creative director/art director/designer), Max Vandenberg, Marissa Raybuck (designers), Kevin Franklin, William Toti, Ken Crawford (photographers), Mark Frost (writer); Flatiron Books (client)

30. Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Road Piece

University of Maryland, Strategic Communications, College Park, MD; www.umd.edu: Margaret Hall (creative director), Hailey Hwa Shin (creative director/art director/designer), John T. Consoli (photographer), Lauren M. Brown (writer); University of Maryland Undergraduate Admissions (client)

31. Vertical Living, www.callisonrtkl.com/vertical-living

CallisonRTKL Inc., Washington, DC; www.callisonrtkl.com: Thom McKay (creative director), Steven Norris, Angelia Duncan (art directors/designers), Mostafa Moselhy, Melody Hung (designers), Cedric Martineau, Cory Strischek (web coding), Christine Beltrane, Anne Chan (photographers), Caye Burry, Michelle Devereaux, Claire Propsting, Kristin Tilley (writers); CallisonRTKL Inc. (client)

32. Watkins College of Art Lookbook

Stoltze Design, Boston; www.stoltze.com: Clif Stoltze, Brendan Tapley (creative directors), Brian Azer (art director/designer), Sam Angel (photographer), Ron Wagner, Timothy Davis (writers); Watkins College of Art (client)

33. Works in Progress (WIP)

CallisonRTKL Inc., Washington, DC; www.callisonrtkl.com: Thom McKay (creative director), Steven Norris (creative director/art director), Mostafa Moselhy (art director/designer), Angelia Duncan, Melody Hung, Elizabeth Paterson, Noel Rivard (designers), Cedric Martineau, Cory Strischek (web coding), Anne Chan, Christine Beltrane (photographers), Stephen Zippe (videographer), Claire Propsting, Caye Burry, Kristin Tilley, Lucy Leonard (writers); CallisonRTKL Inc. (client)

34. Your Tour, Your Story: The Go Ahead Journal