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A Wonderland of Rock Poster Lettering and Typography

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Mitch Putnam notes in the intro to his new book, OMG Posters, rock posters are a completely unique art form—“they’re drawn, printed (many by hand), hung, and sold to commemorate a one-night event in a single city. It’s hard to get more niche than that. The editions are usually mind-bogglingly low, often one hundred copies or fewer, never to be reprinted.”

Which is part of why Putnam’s new book is such a delight.

Another reason? The interviews with poster creators—and, of course, the array of amazing lettering and type found in their work.

Here is an array of our favorites. Grab a copy here.

Leslie Herman

Burlesque of North America / Wes Winship & Mike Davis

Brian Ewing

Dkng Studios (Dan Kuhlken & Nathan Goldman)

Kevin Tong

Ryan Duggan

John Solimine

Dan Grzeca

Richey Beckett

Dan Grzeca

Jason Munn

Eric Nyffeler

Eric Nyffeler

Michael Hacker

Justin Santora

Sonnenzimmer/Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi

Geoff Peveto

Burlesque of North America / Wes Winship & Mike Davis

Elvisdead/Mat & Nick Peq

Leslie Herman

Rich Kellly

All images from OMG Posters (Regan Arts) © 2016 by Mitch Putnam

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