• Zachary Petit

“Runof50”: Limited-Edition Typographic Posters Without the Limited-Edition Price Tag

The new London design studio Skep openly professes its love of simplicity—and co-founder Chris Smyth’s latest project shows via striking black and white typographic posters how powerful said simplicity can be.

With “Runof50,” Smyth is offering a medley of giclée prints for £25—and, yes, each is indeed limited to a run of 50. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Why the limited run—and why the small price tag?

“The ‘limited-edition’ concept is certainly not a new space; in fact, it represents the simple joy of owning a piece of print communication,” Smyth writes. “Growing up as a young designer, I always loved covering my walls with work that I knew only a few others had or could get hold of. In a strange way, I felt closer to the designer, almost like I was invited into the process of the work myself. I’m a firm believer that that experience shaped me as a designer and that everyone should have access to that feeling and experience.”

You can do so here. In the meantime, here’s a peek at some of the prints.