• Steven Heller

Self Indulgence Dept: Proto Instagrams

I hope you will indulge some personal nostalgia. I don’t have a Facebook account, or I’d have posted these there. And my Instagram account is for more heady things (ha!).

These pictures are those fleeting images that zip in and out of the mind when least expected. They come in the twilight when other cares are absent and an empty consciousness welcomes any vision the subconscious throws its way.

These are pictures of my youth before memory, during memory and after memory. They’re in the boxes marked “do not discard.” I’m sure you all have those boxes. Some are pleasant others not so. For me, these images tell happy private stories, but let the pictures suffice. There are many more, but I won’t burden you with them yet.

Baby Steve at audition for Jackie Gleason’s baby double.

At three I was told I’ll grow into it.

By sixteen, a hippy.

East 10th Street, voyeur and voyeured.

An early zine with my cover.

My pen pal, Jean-Paul Sartre.

Brad Holland’s logo for our fledgling press.

A press card and a token got me onto the subway.

Is nothing sacred?

The EVO gang (clockwise from top left): Stephen Cohn, Roger Tomlinson, Vincent Titus, Yossarian, me, Coca Crystal, Ray Schultz. Miss most of them.

Haircut for Heller.

This is why I never became a successful illustrator.

Ray Schultz and I greet our nemesis, a member of the NYPD Red Squad, at an anti-war rally.

The before to the after above. I could have made cash with that hair.

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