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September/October 2007 Table of Contents

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Village Voices Local Projects is turning museums into places where people interact with information—and each other. Its latest commission will have the whole country joining the conversation. BY ANGELA STARITA

Moving Pictures Getty Images revolutionized the stock photo business. Now that the industry is shifting again, is Gettys future in jeopardy? BY CLIFF KUANG

Please Touch As digital art exhibitions become more prevalent, museums have a new challenge: how to display high-tech work in a space where Do Not Touch doesnt apply. BY JEREMY LEHRER

Stop Making Type A group of type-industry rebels in the 20s had a startling idea: to cease all production of modernistic and freakish new faces and stick to the classics. BY PAUL SHAW

Gimme Gimme Gabba Gabba The childrens show Yo Gabba Gabba! is putting its candy-colored design front and center. Nickelodeon is betting that kids—and their parents—will gobble it up. BY STEVE DOLLAR

Suspiciously McSimilar The mysterious case of McSweeneys and the corporate publications. Also: a guide for imitating. And: Whither McStyle? BY JILL SINGER

The Dark Side of the Glow Radiums shining promise was embraced by the ad world, scientists, and the public at large—but that enchanting glimmer would turn very sinister. BY PENNY WOLFSON

Subtle Tea How a 70s-era brand updated its hippie-kitsch identity to appeal to more modern tastes. BY DEBBIE MILLMAN

Bronx Cheer Given the chance to create a subway mural in a stark New York City neighborhood, one artist created a verdant oasis amid overpasses and auto body shops. BY ANDREA DEZSÖ

Business Graphics 2007 PRINT’s third annual business graphics competition. INTRODUCTION BY AKIKO BUSCH


CONTRIBUTORS Where we’re calling from.

F.O.B. A graffiti Methuselah, reemergent Soviet graphics, a high-powered collaboration, and more.

SHELF LIFE Shellac’s good dog, Penguins bright “Boys,” and minty-fresh design for a toothpaste package.

MONOLOGUE Outside In One designers experience as a social activist proves the power of democratizing design. BY TAZ TAGORE

OBSERVER Standing Still To be visually literate, the public must have an ability to readreally read—images. BY RICK POYNOR

DIALOGUE Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar, partners, Chermayeff & Geismar. INTERVIEW BY STEVEN HELLER

IN PRINT Vol. 18/no. 6 In its initial annual report on annual reports, PRINT took a provocative tack. BY MARTIN FOX

DESKTOP The Big Pixel New technologies take large displays beyond the JumboTron. BY ANDREW BLUM Plus: Meaty letters, tasty text, and apps with all the goodness but half the fat. BOOKS Rodolphe Töpffer: The Complete Comic Strips, compiled, translated, and annotated by David Kunzle Father of the Comic Strip: Rodolphe Töpffer, by David Kunzle REVIEW BY BILL KARTALOPOULOS

100 Years of Fashion Illustration, by Cally Blackman REVIEW BY CAROLITA JOHNSON

The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney, by Michael Barrier REVIEW BY JOHN CANEMAKER

How I Write: The Secret Lives of Authors, edited by Dan Crowe and Philip Olterman REVIEW BY PETER TERZIAN