• Steven Heller

Sequitur or Non?

Whoever said the twenty-somethings have lost irony was being ironic. Wit and sarcasm are alive and well with Spencer Charles, senior designer at Louise Fili Ltd. “I chose to use non-sequiturs because they remind me of bits of overheard conversation,” he told me, “which when stripped of context, are usually pretty funny, or at least entertaining.”

Daily Non-Sequitur is a humorous outlet that allows Charles to “dabble in compulsive absurdity.” It’s a way for him to “physically play with letters, without regard to their meaning or purpose.”

In order to come up with these non-sequiturs (trans: “does it follow”) on a daily basis, “I keep a running list of words or fragments of conversation I overhear or see during my daily trips through New York. At the end of the week, I’ll put together the most compelling combinations by reading off the list to friends and gauging their reactions.”

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