• Chloe Gordon

Brand of the Day: Seráfico Mezcal Is Born From Ancient Roots

Makers & Allies, the design and branding studio that works exclusively in the wine, craft, and spirits industry, has created the magnificent label for the premium mezcal brand, Seráfico.

Deep and rich reds, blues, and greens paired with a two-tailed and seven-starred Spirit of Seráfico create a luxurious design. The main font on the label is elegant but still solid and powerful.

Seráfico is a premium artisanal mezcal brand with a focus on highlighting the unique characteristics created from some of the rarest agaves that can be found in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ranging from estate-grown to wild-harvested agaves, each mezcal is meticulously handcrafted resulting in five unique expressions. Authentically inspired by the ancient history and mysterious traditions of mezcal folklore, each label is guarded by a two-tailed and seven-starred Spirit of Seráfico surrounded by custom illustrated alchemy symbols representing each step of the mezcal-making process.

Project Credits

Makers & Allies