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Shop Till You Pop

Rob Walker is the “Consumed” columnist for The New York Times Magazine and proprietor of Murketing.com, a website (with great pix like the one above) devoted to the murky world of marketing and all the flim flam in between. His recent book, Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, is a must for anyone who toils or luxuriates in the fields of retail (or wholesale). His site is a veritable magazin of trends and fashions seen through the jaundiced eye of a true design critic. For those who question the role of criticism in design culture, Walker is an exemplar. To promote his book tour, Walker, a fantatical letterpress maven, has had various printer/poster makers create missives (below) to murket his talks. Read more about the artists and their process here and here and here. Remember this: Consumption is not just an option, it is a way of life. I shop therefore I am.