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Show Me Your Show Cards

D.M. Campana was one of the most prominent china painters in the field at the time of his death at 85 in 1956. He founded the Campana Art Company at the turn of the century with china painting materials as its specialty. He developed his own line of china colors which he used and which were (and surprisingly are) sold with his name.

He was born in Marostca, Italy, a town near Venice. “Working in nearby ceramic factories as a child, he learned to decorate pottery, a skill which brought him ready employment when, in his early twenties, he migrated to America—with ten dollars in his pocket. In a few years, he had saved enough money to go back to Venice for training at the Academy di Belle Arti,” says the current website devoted to selling his wares in Pampa, Texas. Read more and see his legacy here.

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