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Sports That Changed Our Lives

The sports site Bleacher Report and Creative Action Network present “Transcend: Sports Moments That Changed the World,” a digital art exhibition that celebrates historic moments in sports and society, with proceeds to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The exhibition features original works from 20 individual artists that highlight famous moments in sports history that sparked significant social, cultural and political change. I spoke to CAN’s Aaron Perry-Zucker about this new initiative.

Chris Piascik

Where did the idea to focus on sporting moments come from? Bleacher Report initially approached us about collaborating, and after putting our heads together with them and a handful of CAN artists who have done sports design before, the idea of these special moments emerged.

How are you going about developing the exhibition? Bleacher Report came up with the 20 moments that we’re starting with and commissioned an artist to depict each one. The gallery exhibit that we’re launching today will feature all of that work but also kick off the open, crowd-sourced campaign in which we’re seeking many more designs from creative sports fans around the world.

Rory Martin

Are there enough memorable and significant moments in history? There are so many moments! It was very difficult to choose the initial 20. We wanted to select a range of positive/negative, well known/less well known, recent/historic moments. These 20 are just the first batch. We’re planning on adding more moments over time that will include more countries, sports and people.

What do you mean by “changed the game”? By “change the game” we mean sports moments that affected culture (beyond the sporting world) in some way. Some are inspiring examples of barriers breaking down, others were challenging moments that brought people together by facing them.

Mark Forton

Kalie Ciesemier

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