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New Old Glory

Thanks to Henry Brimmer I recently was reintroduced to the 1987 book Stars & Stripes by Kit Hinrichs, his first book celebrating the flag he holds so dear (including this and this). This first wave includes the work of 96 designers and illustrators with a brief forward by yours truly. Below are some graphic and text materials related to and from the book. It reminds us that despite its many flaws, the grand old flag still represents a grand old system, that is worth saving, so vote, vote, vote this November.

(Author’s note: Since the left hand never knows what the right is doing around Daily Heller Land, I was unaware that Ellen Shapiro was writing her wonderful story (here) on Hinrichs’ latest paean to the flag. I also learned after writing this post about Kit’s beautiful new flag Forever Stamp. This story was one of those wonderfully mystical coincidences. Congratulations on the new stamp and on making us all feeL proud despite the times we’re living in.)

Milton Glaser

Henry Steiner

Samuel N. Antupit

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