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Sugar, Sugar, Honey, Honey: Sweet Logos for a Candy Emporium

Michael Doret, the master letterer and founder of Alphabet Soup Type Founders, is involved in “a really interesting logo/design project out here in LA.” It is a series of six logos—five by Doret, one by Laura Smith (hers is last in this post)—for a new retail space that collects 12 candy shops under one roof. Sweet!

“The guy who is doing it is a really interesting character,” Doret told me,  “and he’s making this collection of shops really unique, kind of like a small, quirky, old-style amusement park. At any rate, this was one of the most interesting projects I’ve been involved in for a long time.”

Doret has been publishing case studies on his blog, showing inspirations, sketches, and semi-final iterations. Doret’s generous confection is an opportunity to learn first hand how his complex methods start and finish—well worth a look-see.

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