• Steven Heller

Take Aim

If you have to have guns, you must have targets, which in days of yore was called a targe.

For function and utility the classic bullseye is one of the most perfectly designed of all graphic forms. No wonder it has been the point blank logo for so many businesses, causes and nations. Nothing is more economical than the concentric circles surrounding the center mark. If the original target did not date back to antiquity its pure geometric format would be quintessentially modern. In some shooting ranges the circle has been replaced by other visible signs, like this red star (with political undertones, perhaps).

But there are less abstract targets that add the human factor to guns and shooting. If you have to have guns, you must have human or animal targets. So, The National Target Company of Rockville, Maryland, and other such manufacturers and suppliers provide targets that show the kill and wound zones. Here are a few for man and beast.

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