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Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys with Rule29

It’s that time of year again. The department stores are already playing “Jingle Bells” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” But before we jump straight from Halloween to whatever winter holiday you choose to celebrate (or ignore), let us not forget one of the biggest excuses for stuffing our faces and telling the embarrassing stories you’ve collected from your family over the past year. Yes, it’s almost here: Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, T’s-giving, Fall Harvest—whatever you call it, the time for turkey and mashed potatoes, green beans and pumpkin pie is nigh.

In celebration of the stuff-your-face-and-be-thankful festival, Rule29 Creative has started accepting entries for their annual “By a Show of Hands” holiday hand turkey competition. The event started as an internal competition among Rule29’s team members as a way to “pause and be creative” during the busy holiday season. In 2008, the firm opened the project to the public and it has continued to grow since.

Isaac, 2014

“We were going to stop doing it a few years ago, and we got an email from a teacher saying it had become an annual tradition at their school. So we decided to keep doing it until no one enters,” Justin Ahrens, principal and creative director at Rule29 shares. And with a category for every person of every age (kids, grown-ups and pros), there’s no reason not to enter.

“After the first couple years … it was getting harder and harder to choose the winners. … We decided to add categories to keep it fair and encourage more people to enter,” explains Ahrens, who, by the way, says his favorite Thanksgiving foods are the traditional ones like turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. “But I LOVE that crazy canned cranberry that keeps the shape of the can. For some reason that is Thanksgiving to me.”

Devon, 2014

Entries for this year’s competition are being accepted until November 25th, and winners will receive an Amazon gift card and an Official Hand Turkey Winner certificate. Contestants and viewers are able to cast their votes online as well for the People’s Choice Award turkey. Winners will be announced December 3rd.

This year’s entries are already looking pretty strong. From a “swagtastic” rocket-toting turkey to one clad in the iconic gray sweat suit from Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video—the creativity is not lacking.

“We just hope people take time to doodle, have fun, and just make whatever. Although there are prizes, it’s more about just being creative for a few minutes or a few hours.”

Make sure you enter the By A Show of Hands competition before it’s too late. Get your office, school, family, or friends together, and take a few moments to be creative.

Need a little inspiration? Check out some of our favorite turkeys from over the years.

Farah Fauzi, 2014

Allyson, 2015

Samuel Oritz, 2014

Nathan, 2011

Todd, 2014


Grace, 2014

Carolyn, 2012

Susan, 2015

Dan, 2009

Joshua, 2014

Haley, 2013

Christine, 2008

Stefan, 2012

Jana, 2010

Karyn, 2010

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